The Secret to Getting Top Dollar

The Secret to Getting Top Dollar

Are You Getting the MLS Listing that You Deserve?

If you are hoping to Get Top Dollar when selling your home, it's Very Important to Do Your Homework before choosing your Real Estate Agent! Have them send you a few of their recent MLS Listing examples and take a look at the quality of their photos and if they have enhanced their MLS Listings, with detailed photo descriptions. If their listings look anything like the photos below (with no photo descriptions), then it's time to move on!

Selling your home and getting Maximum Showings, is an Artform!

It takes the "know-how" and the "skill set" to Create the Emotion and Tell The Story, of why your home, is the perfect home, for prospective buyers. When buyers see the type of MLS Listing, as seen below, they are Left Cold and will quickly discard your listing. I see this happen time and time again and the person that suffers is the Seller (YOU)!!! This type of marginal/average MLS Listing, takes a much longer time to sell, attracts fewer showings, and ends up selling for much less than it should have!

Side Note: You can always ask your agent to add photo descriptions, but if they aren't already proficient in this category, there is a reason for that! Such as, they aren't willing to put in the effort, don't have the writing skills, don't have the time etc... If they tell you that they aren't important, it's time to move on! You won't change them. My buyer clients get so frustrated with poor photos and having no idea where rooms are located etc. It always leaves them with a bad first impression. You want to avoid that type of poor first impression, at all costs!

MLS Listing Quality Questions To Ask Yourself:

1. Very Important - Are there detailed photo descriptions that convey the story and lifestyle, of the home and neighborhood?
2. Do all of the photos have a purpose? Or, is there a photo of a bush and another of a toilet, or a door?
3. Do the photos stand out and look high-end?
4. Are the ceilings white, or are they dark & dingy?
5. Are the photo angles effective and consistent?
6. Do the exterior photos have blue skies?
7. Are the photos professionally taken, with a wide angle lens?
8. Do the rooms look dark and/or small?
9. Are there at least 24 photos in the MLS Listing?
10. Are all of the windows and light fixtures free from over-exposure, window blowouts and excessive glare?
11. Are the views of the outside, through the windows, clear and crisp?

If you answered NO, to any of the above questions, then the Realtor you are interviewing, is not providing their clients with the MLS Listing that they deserve! When you list with me, the answers will always be YES! Until you can answer YES to all of those questions, then there is never a reason for a price reduction. More often than not, it's actually the poor quality of the MLS Listing that causes homes to sit on the market and Not The List Price! Of course, that also has to be combined with excellent online presence and marketing! To see a complete list of my services, please Click Here

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BELOW is a Typical, Low-Quality, MLS Listing Example (with no photo descriptions)

















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