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Having A 1st Class Listing = 1st Class Results!

When listing a home, it's Extremely Important to tell the story of the home, utilizing Thoughtful MLS Photo Descriptions. Without properly describing the home features, room locations and portraying the proper neighborhood lifestyle connections, buyer's are left cold. I strive to create that emotional connection with the buyer, so that they truly understand what kind of joy they can expect, when purchasing your home. Below, you will find 3 MLS Listing examples, that include all of the necessary detailed photo descriptions that I provide for all of my listings. Please also take a look at what the "Typical" MLS Listing looks like and what to watch out for!

Here's What You Can Expect, 100% of the Time, When Listing With Me:

Example 1 - 6441 Shadyview Lane N , Maple Grove, MN 55311
Example 2 - 4317 Dupont Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409
Example 3 - 9139 Pinehurst Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125

What to Watch Out For! (Typical Low-Quality Listing Example)

Before choosing your Realtor, ask them to email you a few of their most recent MLS Listings. You will also want to click on the MUST READ link below. This will show you what a typical MLS Listing looks like and give you some tips for comparing Realtor listings, before you make your important decision. Sellers only know what they know. In other words, too many Sellers get caught up in the "commission trap" and sign up with the first Discount Realtor that offers them a great deal! What they don't realize, is that often times, they end up getting burned. Their home takes much longer to sell (inconvenience of showings), if it ever does sell and they lose more profits, than they ever should have. Using the correct Realtor and having an exceptional MLS Listing and Online Presence, are absolutely ESSENTIAL to selling your home, for the most money and in the least amount of time!

Here's what the Typical MLS Listing looks like - A MUST READ

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